Guess who is the highest paid female celebrity? Unscramble these letters – yonceBe

WOW! Heather texted the base with this long auzz message via several texts so we’re posting it as instructed….Heather is in her studio doing some kind of instructional video about that she mentions she’s releasing by 12 midnight tonight. Oh, and you are probably wondering who are the members of DisilgoldSOUL staff. We are pretty mysterious and love it.

We know is it hard to believe that Beyonce’ almost made as much as  her hubby Jay Z, whose HIP HOP albums folks are now starting to realize are a work of art worth collecting so these stats maychange. For now, Beyonce’ steals the top spot with back to back albums that rule among the female R&B artists. You just can’t compare Beyonce lyrically and vocally to any female artist out there.  Her work is universal and sound timeless. How do you know this? The Kids know who Beyonce is and that’s what counts! Congrats to Beyonce.’ And it is true, we were told at the B-Day Bash years ago by her own team that she would pose for DisilgoldSOUL Magazine first before any of the other media got pics like ET, Insider, VH1 and MTV. She gave a black media girl a break and I haven’t stopped talking about this since. Beyonce’ not only posed once, but three times and got her copy of Literary Divas before we all headed inside the event at the 40/40 club. It just shows that celebrities are very conscious about suppporting up and coming media. Now look at Disilgold. And I can’t thank Beyonce’s team enough for helpingme out during my YGA Multi-Industry live award show with a ton of celebs. The security from her team really helped create a safe and professional event.  They even guarded me while doing a controversial signing of my poetry book, PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man which wound up with a man trying to attack me for my comments about some men.  The crazy guy took my book of poems and analytical essays very personal. I signed with photographer Bea Joyner who is the author of  Don’t Need No Soaps, My Life is Soap Enough. I had no idea she would go on to create celebrity photogalleries. My signed autograph and copy of Literary Divas is in her Hall of Fame Exhibit celebrating people of excellence among folks I adore like Susan L Taylor. As a result of that signing, I was asked to come back and sign with this guy called Dr. Ian Smith and I was like who is this doctor. I respectfully declined because I got a controversial book and just didn’t see the connection. A few months later, I found out who Dr. Ian Smith was. At the time he wrote The Blackbird Papers novel. So I am just shedding light on the history of Beyonce’ taking that pose for little DisilgoldSOUL magazine. Aw! I wish her 80 million more dollars. Post all of my texts. Thx.

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