Website for new Beyonce’ Movie on April 24th in Theaters Everywhere!

For those of you who understand the importance of opening  day box office sales for movies, one day can make a difference from a hit or flop.  Jennifer Lopez bombed so many times at the Box Office it was a sheer travesty for a singer turned actres and why I am hoping this movie is a hot. That Bey is really working hard for her 80 million. I am sure I was watching a Nintendo commercial and the person playing on the game just like a little girl was Beyonce. Will someone call me and let me know if that was her or am I blind?

As popular as Beyonce’ is she has some swift competition at theaters on April 24th. Kids are going to see Hannah Montana over and over and over again . Obssessed is a grown folks movie, so it will be interesting to see how many young folks come out to support.  The website is Mark your calendar. This may be Beyonce’s Oscar winning performance. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Her movies with her singing may not have earned the nod, but a movie with her real acting talent and no hype may just put Beyonce’  on the map as the next top grossing actress.  That acting is going to be top notch with all of the haters hating on Beyonce’ and her turning negativity into productivity.  If that was me on the set, that other actress would need stiches. Oh will this movie hurry up and arrive!  Can’t wait to see Bey kick some auzz in this movie. Way to go Bey. It’s about time.


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