Looks like Jamie Foxx got caught up in paparazzi frenzy when asked what he felt about Miley Cyrus ruining Radio Head’s career on Sirrius Radio. He responded, “What, Miley is going to take Radio Head’s career.. go do some hero— like Brittney.”

 That equals a  big disso to Brit and Miley, America’s pop tarts. Miley handled the brash statement from Jamie Foxx hungry for attention for his new movie by simply stating, “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say it at all!” Get him Miley. How dare Jamie be so rude to a minor, but it does give both of them publicity. After all, Miley Cyrus had better make all of the moneyshe can now while young because those baby boomer fans get fickle as soon as they wake up and find out their favorite teen idols are all grown up. I would let her father handle this matter. This controversy is not over. Jamie has put a big FOXX in his mouth. He is so great in movies and then he goes back to his bad biy ‘ole self in his music and when he opens his mouth.

You can take the hood rat out of Hollywood, but you can’t put him back in the ghetto. Ouch, that statement has got to be a blow to Miley’s self-esteem.-Heather Covington


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