U.S. Can’t Celebrate So fast. 3 More Ships attacked!

The ship that saved the captain on the ship that was hijacked by some pirates was on its way back to Kenya to unite the captain with his sailors, and three more ships at sea were attacked.  Now dig this, the Navy ship goes to help the ships out with the captain on board and they attack the Navy ship, lodge a rocket bomb in its engine base and shoot at it, but the U.S. attacks back. Oh my, hope the captain makes it home. Never traveling by sea on any boat. If the darn Navy ship can be attacked, just imagine a  crummy old cruise ship. There goes U.S. tourism unless they can guard the sea straight down a specific path as in be able to strike any ship that comes near that route meant for U.S. traveling some where down the line. I am being very specific because folks have to feel safe and if I don’t feel safe, no one in the world does.

This story is syndicated on  www.disilgold.com


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