CYA APOLOGY-Jamie Foxx Apologizes to Miley Cyrus

It take a hell of a heart for a man to apologize for his comments, but Jamie Foxx did apologize on Jay Leno, so America forgave him for his comments abut Miley Cyrus. Plus ,he has too much going for him to engage in any publicity stunts. Folks are saying his performance in his upcoming movie, The Soloist should convince him to stop acting like a ghetto thug comedian and own up to his talent. Anyway, we stole a nice new photo of Jamie Foxx and ladies it is the hottest photo I ever seen on the net. This is the most professional pic of an aritst, period. In fact, with this pic alone, Jamie is back at the top says one of mymy Disilgold Insider friends. She saw the pic and said, jamie is a FOINE GUY. Not sure what is going on in his new movie though. Must be a lot of make-up.

See the new pci of Jamie, THE SOLOIST on in a hottie minute.


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