Folks are coming here to and need to go over to where we are now posting all photos in relation to our text. It saves time, stops thieves from stealing our pictures and publishing them on other blogs and in magazines. Furthermore, we want you to go over to where all the action is. Read the celeb profiles where all is updated. For this post, go to the BOOK EXPO link. My team is  updating as quickly as we can . If  these blogs shut down tomorrow, I still have and so just scroll the TOP STORY pics for the photos related to top stories.  

Check out the flyer on the site tomorrow. It is awesome.  Click on to the BEA STORY 2009 coming soon. I chronicle happenings. If I get a visual of you at the BOOKEXPO, you will be featured. Pretty darn observant, so don’t mind me if I am aloof. Well aware. Been told by a lot of  people that I look distant. Don’t worry about that. I see you very clearly and everything you are doing while hosting. If you want to test me, just email me at and I’ll tell you exactly what you were doing at the BEA. I can read lips too.  That author who said, there goes that bitz Omarosa, you better not say mean thngs like that this year because I am going to put you on blast. Omarosa is a very nice person.

People just don’t understand what she’s been through and  were hatin.’ Look how Donald kicked off Tionne from the Apprentice because she volunteered to go to the board room and my boy, Brian Mcknight because he was a good captain and then poor Dennis who is now all exposed. Poor babies. Tionne, Dennis and Brian, please come out to the Book Expo. Brian can sing to us ladies anytime, right ladies….. )))(((CHUCKLING LIKE A DIVA)))(((( Tionne, I love your poetry book from year ago called THOUGHTS. You are a poet. Just keep writing books because your poetry is awesome. Forget these reality shows.

Okay, wrapping up here…. You’ll never guess who is coming out to the BEA and so if you got here through surfing the blogs and tags, take your literary loving self over to NINO from New Jack City is arriving!!!! I won’t mention that at all, okay maybe I will. Now come on actors and actresses, tell me you weren’t inspired by Westley Snipes in New Jack City and all of his movies. The boy is bad.  That woudl be  disrespectful to talk about his movies, but trust everyone is going to be  starstruck.  Westley is the bomb actor of all actors, Denzel, Lawrence, Laz,  and I would even add LL COOL J if he does some more movies, but he’s all into signing talent at   He’s got a book called Platinum Workout sitting right here on my bookshelf and  I have no idea how to go about even asking him to come out. Folks keep requesting, but I am too chicken to request. After all when these celebs change their careers, you got to be mindful that they have moved on to new things.   We’ll see. RESPECT! 

Finally, some of you have been asking how can you meet Pat Schroeder of the American Association of Publishers. I kid you not, she came out one year and everyone was trying to get picks with her and Marcella Smith of Barnes and Noble.  I don’t blame ya. They are true movers and shakers in the publishign industry. You also, asked me if Tony Rose is going to sign copies of his book, New Kids on The Block.  We’ll see. His book just took off. The ladies love New Kids on the Block all grown up and I didn’t realize this until I saw all of the hype in New York City for a past TRL show.  It felt like New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Now don’t go starting trouble and requesting for New Kids on the Block Members to come out like a reunion.  Just stop it. LOL.

All in all, I’m a movie buff head. Speaking of BUFF,  fly chicarette Buffy the Body is coming out fellows. The lady is an entrepreneur and just a role model for the  Biz ladies who want to know how to capitalize off of their assets in business. Buffie is a phenom and we all can’t wait for her to share her trials and tribulations.  She has a calendar sellign right through the roof at Triple Crown Publications. A lot of important folks will be nestled in the Africana American Pavilion including my darn self. HEHEHEHE…….. you know why I am laughing right?    And yes, I am shouting out folks because I know who everyone is and all of the projects.  These folks are a greater than great. Zane is going to be their fam. I have gotten the best advice from Zane. And if you don’t know who Carole Mackey is then you better GOOGLE SEARCH her.  George C. Fraser  and Tom Joyner are confirmed. I read George’s book CLICK, 3 times and look at That’s the power of building business relationships.  My editor  of Literary Divas, Yvonne Rose, has a book coming out, so  I am atending her workshop. I am still in training. Yvonne is my hero. Finally, I am just hyped to meet Westley.  Everyone didn’t get SILVERLIGHT, BLURAY and HDTV 10 for nothing. Do the thing,  Westley. Bring it on.  This Zulu sci-fi project is just in time.  Moving onward.

And that’s your DAILY LITERARY DISH. And er EXTRA staff, you never had the Daily Literary Dish and now you have the New York Dish. You never had the HEATLIST and now you have the HOTLIST and you also, never had the God’s 24 Hour Makeover and now you have the Hollywood Makeover. Stop  chewing on Disilgold  media’s auzz and be original. You sound like a broken record with all this hoopla on the show. Much to do about nothing. You’re lucky that Shaun Robinson is on the show to add any class to that overrated gossip. Why don’t you come out to the Book Expo and support an event with substance.

 Not watching you anymore until you do. I am tuning into the RADIO  to change up my life. Be right back to see whose on around 7-8pm that is worthwhile to listen to. Maybe Sirrius radio has a decent show and BET is next on my HEATLESS list. With a top show like 106 and Park, why not bring on authors to talk with youth and promote some darn gone literacy instead of all of these blinging as videos turning youth into gangs and ass runners.  Now I got to go ut a hip hop album and put on some tight jeans to stand out…. oh nevermind me fam… that is my daily muse…. and I’m not taking it back. Much love to BET and EXTRA. Keep up the good work!

Photos of past events loading this week on the headline page of

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