Heather Covington -The Literary Heat- Reviews Music Video: Blame It by Jamie Foxx featuring T-Pain

Music Video: Blame It
Artist: Jamie Foxx
Reviewed by Heather Covington
“The Literary Heat”
“She says she usually don’t, but I  know that she  fronts,” are  the  lyrics and claim to fame in  Jamie Foxx’s 2009  smash hit and music video, “Blame It” featuring T Pain. Just one banger from his “Intuition” album, the video begins like a movie production against your classic blue black night  scene among heavy hitters like Samuel Jackson, producer Ron Howard and many others. The list is too long to mention, but this video is as entertaining to watch as your classic  Godfather mafia movie.
This time, Jamie ” The Godfather of RnB” is blaming the alcohol for all of these gentlemen late night prowls on the club scene. The summer anthem of 2009 for the fellows resonates a catchy hook from a past time Christina Milian jam,  “Say I,” but there isn’t harm done  in knowing that Jamie Foxx is a comedian and follows up with a girl-friendly video, “Just Like Me” featuring actress Taraji P. Henson.
Quite possibly the only comedic artist to be taken seriously  with equal weight as an actor and singer, you can expect for Jamie’s hit to ring a familiar tune all year long.  “Blame it” is certainly geared to the male dominated Hip Hop audience, but the ladies can appreciate this  work by Jamie Foxx who is bringing the stylish persona, talent and friends with him all the way to the top with  this top production. Press Forward and then play it again.
Disilgold SOUL Magazine Rating: 5 Stars
About Reviewer:  A Nationally Certified Reading Specialist, critically acclaimed poet, marketing specialist and former tv show host, Heather Covington “The Literary Heat” is the NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominated author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature and DisilgoldBooks.com publisher and  debut author  of the best selling MURDEROTICA novel, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales. She has been noted as a TOP 5 Media Mogul alongside the producers of GOODDAY and runs, owns and operates Disilgold.com, abridged for “Diamonds, Silver and Gold,”  the literary and media home of celebrity stars and literary icons.  Her author website can be visited at www.LiteraryDiva.com and official MYSPACE site at www.myspace.com/HeatherCovington. For booking, interview, media requests and/or Disilgold.com Monthly Media Campaigns designed by Heather: Email Disilgold@aol.com.

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