Disilgold.com New Documentary Media Alert: The Maurice Jefferson Story and Documentary by Terry ONeal


In 2007, I contacted Terry a. O’neal to just reminisce about the good ‘ole times when poetry had taken on it’s final dramatic  transition from spoken word art to spiritualistic verses in books, and as prevalent on bookstore shelves  by  responsible owners who recognize the self-help poetry gift book as a fast selling genre  of its  own that speaks to a nation of readers looking for daily uplift.

 Among those spiritual poets of all time, is the written and spoken voice of Terry a. O’Neal. You may recall the poet who I personally invited to debut her poetry on the stage of the Harlem Book Fair with Cynthia Highsmith Hooks, young Adrianna Holland, winner of the 1st Harlem Book Fair Spelling Bee Contest and myself. The moment was magical and captured by the renown Amsterdam News.

Terry a. O’neal quickly followed with a series of books  geared to the younger audience after debuting her hit poetry book, The Poet Speaks in Black. One young novella by Terry, Sweet Lavender  made its way to the  top and was optioned for a motion picture. Terry had been working on her memoir about her life as a young teen which I was privy to get  firsthand full details; for many top authors have informed me of their projected projects years in advance. I rarely disturb these kings and queens Terry often sets herself apart as if she is not royalty, but indeed she is one of the most accomplished poets of this era in her domain.

She generously aired mention of my very own book. Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature on CBS News. Call Terry a media magnet. Media gravitates to the poetess who speaks words of wisdom beyond her age. The poetical in crowd was cyber clapping with applause when Terry made way on the former www.Defpoetryjam.com  updated by Bruce George of Bruce George Media.com.

 It was a great time for poetry, but something dramatically gravitated Terry’s attention away from poetry.


While on Myspace, I got the first invite for a site dedicated to a story that has made recent headlines and involving the mysterious disappearance of Maurice Jefferson since 1983. Many mothers would give up the struggle, but the story caught producer/ poet Terry O’Neal’s eye. She had almost thrown away the memo requesting  her help as a citizen, but the heart of the poet could not resist un crumpling  the flyer she received in her Cali hometown. We receive flyers all the time in New York of missing folks in post offices. An alarming rate of over 800,000 people go missing annually. No longer can people take for granted walking down the block, going to the mall, attending a local event or even taking a ride to the neihborhood store.
Upon surveying some folks on what they would do if confronted by a stranger that had no business approaching them, one person unapologetically responded, that she would carry acid and won’t hesitate to throw it on a strangers face since not even stars can carry weapons for protection these days in some areas of the United States where crime rates are rampant. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and any parent who has lost a child to an unresolved missing case would go on for years searching for one’s child.
Today, Terry O’ Neal has  taken her own earnings from book sales to produce a  documentary witha $10,000 budget to put the story on air and hopefully find some resolve from the community the young high school basketball player lived. Hustle and Flow starring Terrance Howard was made with a $12,000 budget so Terry has enough ammunition already for a full length documentary.  It’s never too late  for the state of Cali and people who have taken on an interest in this story to come forward.
A daunting travesty as substantial as many historical incidences like the Emmett Till story produced by Kevin Beauchamp and numerous award winning documentaries always call at least one angel who as a result enlightens the world.
It is befitting for me to shed light on this profound story that has many people perplexed because anyone’s son can leave out of one’s house and go missing days later. This situation is a wake up call for everyone. Visit www.Disilgold.com celebrity interview archives sometime this week to read the story of Terry a. O’neal, a producer on the rise guided by the poetry in her heart. To find out more about Terry a. O’neal, visit www.Terryoneal.com.

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