Heather Covington replies to the Brian McKnight Question on 98.7Kiss FM

Last night I caught a few minutes of The Brian McKnight Show on 98.7KISSFM and he asked listeners to call in regarding their thoughts on why woman are attracted to rich men? He wanted to know if women were attracted to their success, money or lifestyle and so I thought I would answer this question for all of the ladies holding down a real 9-5 job because they love it and can basically support themselves.

First, women are not attracted to men with money only. Money is filthy and has a stinch, isn’t valuable until you spend it and when you do, you want more and are never satisfied. If a man isn’t born rich, he has to work for it and if that work inteferes with a woman spending quality time with her soulmate than no amount of money can equate to real love.

Secondly, a woman is attracted to a man’s ability to provide for himself and hold down a secure relationship because normally, when there are money problems there goes the relationship. So it’s not enough to just have money, but a consistent means of self-support that says that a women won’t have to work 1o jobs int he event a man can’t make hold down a job.  A welathy man helps a woman feel less stressed and able to enjoy one’s relationship.


Thirdly, men with money have toys and that includes fast cars, a state of the art home theater, plenty of clothes and a lot of cash to travel which makes for a great relationship. In other words, the wealth is one thing, but spending quality time with one’s wealthy soulmate is even better. So men shouldn’t look at women like gold diggers. If they can attract you, then they can attract any wealthy man and she’s going to go to the one who bring her the most joy.  Having wealth can  afford that expensive gettaway trip she wants to take with you to some exotic island. There is an inner goddess in everyone that just wants to be pampered like one. Is that a woman’s crime?

Now some men will settle for any man whose just filthy rich, but those are your gold diggers who don’t care about themselves and joy, but just the money and wealth. And so Broan McKnight’s question would best serve 9-5 working women because if geared toward gold diggers, than that’s your answer.  Worming women just want someone who can match her own wealth and so, she can feel like a woman and not like a babysitter of a man’s dreams.

If a man doesn’t have wealth than he betterbe good for something more than a roll in the haystack because there are mouths to be fed, bolls to be paid and real responsibilities no woman has time to second guess if a relationship is going to make it. These are different times we live in. Ideal relationships begin in college or highschool and last a lifetime with new found wealth because either the man or woman is there during that journey to success from the start. If not, you have to understand that a woman is going to go after what matches her success in life or not pursue at all.

Don’t take it personal and never feel like you are being rejected because you may not have your career where you want it to be.  Trust if your career was stable, that woman would pursue  you. Your wealth may be the only way to impress her because she’s got pride and not going to settle for less. Today’s woman also, doesn’t mind being alone. In fact, it is more peaceful and allows her more time to work. If I had to choose work over man’s riches and gifts, I would choose work because if I know I can depend on myself. On other words, even being rich ain’t enough for today’s woman. She might even go after a better lover than a rich lover whose passion can equate with her work.

Now that is something to think about fellows.  Sorry if you are confused and dont’t know what the hell to do to attract the woman of your dreams. Women can be complicated creatures, but in all seriousness, with a voice like Brian McKnight  today’s man wouldn’t have to be rich or a good lover, just sing for me., shut up when I’m working and go occupy your time when I don’t want to be bothered.  Now that’s some real Disilgold Talk for you.

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