If you have any works copyrighted prior to January 2009 and are a rights share holder, you are affected by the GOOGLE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT in lititgation and only have by May 5th as in to submit your mailed response before this post date and or go online to opt out of  the GOOGLE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT or if you prefer to stay in the lawsuit, but wish to object to specific terms you must also, take action.

When you copyrighted your works every page was scanned and became non-exclusive digitalized property of the U.S. Library of Congress on file for people to view.  As a result, entities like were able to acquire excerpts if you opted to sell your work on its site. Now GOOGLE has infringed on every author and loaded on your work without permission on a catalog database, reason being, they want to place  strategic ads on the digitalized pages of your works when downloaded to make money.

The more a book is searched on Google, the more likely their cooperative ad impressions are viewed by their customers who opt to advertise with them. Since advertisers these days only care about number of impressions and not realizing some clicks are sort of robotic ,  as in fake non-personal hits automated by paid for generated hits, it’s hard to tell just how successful these media campaigns are in getting folks to actually click on the banners as opposed to view banner impressions.  Furthermore, GOOGLE not only generates viewers interest in yoru books with digitalized excerpts or fully scanned books, but they are willing to pay share holders ongoing.

The GOOGLE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT will entitle authors to get no less than $60 per digital book available online through Google. You’ll continue to receive funds as long as peopel are clicking onto your books and impression goals are being met to satisfy their advertisers. If you op out of the lawsuit and decide to acquire your own lawyer, that coudl get very expensive on your own and you are talking about auditing a huge entity. Your works will not have a presence online and virtually non-visible, but at the same time you will be able to control who is peeping inside your book which is vulnerable to highjacking book pirates. Even if your books are creating impressions with paid for ads on its pages, how will you know if the records stated by Google are accurate?

After all, affiliate program sort of went out of business meaning all of those hundreds of thousands of online bookstores who loaded on AMAZON apps hoping to attract buyers through their store via one’s own account, won’t be able to capitalize anymore or even suggest their own bestselling list since the program is no longer in use. Sites who have their own stats generators to accurately view the most popular clicked books stand a better chance with creating any list like which devises its own renown “THE HEATLIST” based on non-IPO tracking stats. We just compare internal stats as far as clicks.

GOOGLE also, can generate catalogs and copyrighted magazines, but if any of these publications under these terms never issued electronic rights to their advertisers, they could be sued by freelance writers who object to GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINES digitalizing perhaps, non-exclusive articles that originally granted permission for one  time use in a printed publishing, but not electronic files. GOOGLE may also, license thousands of share holders in upcoming years so will this mean right holders will have to contact all licensees in the future to have any digitalized works removed from GOOGLE.

Finally, for publishers with authors of works this GOOGLE revolution can be a disaster since readers can now view all past works in their entirety online. Yes, this will earn income for publishers who can benefit from searches of their books if indeed GOOGLE does pay, but how will authors benefit at all since profit from onlien surfing is even less than revenue earned from real time booksales on store shelves.

If digital downloading is the wave of the future to satisfy the thirst of readers, you can expect for your average book deal advance to be nothing more than a salary stretched over the course of an author’s contract since royalties will be virtually pennies with cheap downloads.  Even the most modest and frugal author can’t live off of  a few thousand to even maybe a few hundred thousand dollars for the rest of their lives.

The GOOGLE REVOLUTION may be heaven sent as far as visibility for authors, but a nightmare for those who understand anything free online equals empty pockets later on. Authors don’t want to give away their property, they want to sell it. Watch this video sent to me by Jan Nathan to understand what is going on with this settlement and how it may affect you.

Advertisements New Documentary Media Alert: The Maurice Jefferson Story and Documentary by Terry ONeal


In 2007, I contacted Terry a. O’neal to just reminisce about the good ‘ole times when poetry had taken on it’s final dramatic  transition from spoken word art to spiritualistic verses in books, and as prevalent on bookstore shelves  by  responsible owners who recognize the self-help poetry gift book as a fast selling genre  of its  own that speaks to a nation of readers looking for daily uplift.

 Among those spiritual poets of all time, is the written and spoken voice of Terry a. O’Neal. You may recall the poet who I personally invited to debut her poetry on the stage of the Harlem Book Fair with Cynthia Highsmith Hooks, young Adrianna Holland, winner of the 1st Harlem Book Fair Spelling Bee Contest and myself. The moment was magical and captured by the renown Amsterdam News.

Terry a. O’neal quickly followed with a series of books  geared to the younger audience after debuting her hit poetry book, The Poet Speaks in Black. One young novella by Terry, Sweet Lavender  made its way to the  top and was optioned for a motion picture. Terry had been working on her memoir about her life as a young teen which I was privy to get  firsthand full details; for many top authors have informed me of their projected projects years in advance. I rarely disturb these kings and queens Terry often sets herself apart as if she is not royalty, but indeed she is one of the most accomplished poets of this era in her domain.

She generously aired mention of my very own book. Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature on CBS News. Call Terry a media magnet. Media gravitates to the poetess who speaks words of wisdom beyond her age. The poetical in crowd was cyber clapping with applause when Terry made way on the former  updated by Bruce George of Bruce George

 It was a great time for poetry, but something dramatically gravitated Terry’s attention away from poetry.


While on Myspace, I got the first invite for a site dedicated to a story that has made recent headlines and involving the mysterious disappearance of Maurice Jefferson since 1983. Many mothers would give up the struggle, but the story caught producer/ poet Terry O’Neal’s eye. She had almost thrown away the memo requesting  her help as a citizen, but the heart of the poet could not resist un crumpling  the flyer she received in her Cali hometown. We receive flyers all the time in New York of missing folks in post offices. An alarming rate of over 800,000 people go missing annually. No longer can people take for granted walking down the block, going to the mall, attending a local event or even taking a ride to the neihborhood store.
Upon surveying some folks on what they would do if confronted by a stranger that had no business approaching them, one person unapologetically responded, that she would carry acid and won’t hesitate to throw it on a strangers face since not even stars can carry weapons for protection these days in some areas of the United States where crime rates are rampant. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and any parent who has lost a child to an unresolved missing case would go on for years searching for one’s child.
Today, Terry O’ Neal has  taken her own earnings from book sales to produce a  documentary witha $10,000 budget to put the story on air and hopefully find some resolve from the community the young high school basketball player lived. Hustle and Flow starring Terrance Howard was made with a $12,000 budget so Terry has enough ammunition already for a full length documentary.  It’s never too late  for the state of Cali and people who have taken on an interest in this story to come forward.
A daunting travesty as substantial as many historical incidences like the Emmett Till story produced by Kevin Beauchamp and numerous award winning documentaries always call at least one angel who as a result enlightens the world.
It is befitting for me to shed light on this profound story that has many people perplexed because anyone’s son can leave out of one’s house and go missing days later. This situation is a wake up call for everyone. Visit celebrity interview archives sometime this week to read the story of Terry a. O’neal, a producer on the rise guided by the poetry in her heart. To find out more about Terry a. O’neal, visit TV Show Community Alert- This week on the TYRA SHOW


Monday, April 20th
“Teen Talk: Ending Violence Before It Starts

Parents learn how to instill self-esteem in their children.

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Tuesday, April 21st
Patti LaBelle, Pop Chef

Chefs battle it out to become Patti LaBelle’s personal chef! Find out which “Pop Chef” is left standing!

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Wednesday, April 22nd
“Advice Squad/Dara Torres/”ANTM” Castoff”

The “Tyra Show” Advice Squad dishes out straight talk on sex, dating, relationships and fashion. Plus, Olympian Dara Torres.

Thursday, April 23rd
Pressure to Be Promiscuous

Teens discuss the pressure to have sex, and the embarrassment they feel for being virgins.

Friday, April 24th
“Teen Pregnancy”

Pregnant teens share their personal stories — and why they think the teen birth rate is rising. Endorsed Event Advertisement: Get your ad in the BOOKEXPO Journal reaching over 80,000 visitors of the African American Pavilion in New York City-ONLY $125- LAST CALL

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Maybe, you can’t attend the event; but there’s no reason to miss out on this once a year opportunity.  We’ll represent you!!! 
For just $125 your book can be showcased in the African American Pavilion at BookExpo America and all your contact information (your name, address, phone, email, website, publisher, book title, ISBN # and price) will be listed in the 2009 African American Pavilion Exhibitors Journal and passed out to the pavilion attendees.  
And in case that’s not enough, will link your website to their website for six months at no extra cost. 
This offer won’t last forever.  Register before April 30th and get all that!!!  You’ll be glad you did!!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you….

Director, Quality Press
Associate Publisher
Amber Communications Group, Inc.
National Director
African American Pavilion at Book Expo America
Phone: 602-743-7426

Heather Covington “The Literary Heat” reviews Music Video- T-Shirt by Shontell

 Shontelle - Shontelligence





Music Video: T-Shirt
Artist: Shontelligence
Reviewed by Heather Covington
“The Literary Heat”

“I’m all by myself with nothing but your t-shirt on cause I miss you?” is just one verse from the new album by Shontell cleverly titled Shontelligence from Universal/ Motown. New, fresh talent with a voice to match, you probably have heard of the artist who has performed as an opening act for artists like Rihanna.

Owning a  voice with a pop feel at first listen that may not sound like an RnB artist, Shontelle enters the music arena  sporting a sound all her own that  music listeners can certainly vibe to.  If her album sounds as good as her debut song, she may very well be able to make a household name for herself.

A video that may not show Shontelle’s ability tote her choreography skills as a performing artist yet, the video cleverly draws attention to the finale as Shontelle awaiting hours for her mysterious dream  prince  to arrive. 

I have to admit, I was expecting a guy along the lines of a Tyson Beckford in the buff to match the desires of the scantily dressed Shontelle in the video, but only a meek guy appeared. Maybe I have to see the video once again, but I was expecting a gem to appear that would hold equal  impression as Shontelle and which will give the men something to think about. Maybe today’s girl, like Shontelle, just wants a really nice guy, not too buff, not too fashion savvy, but just right. I enjoyed listening to Shontelle’s song, but the video just didn’t make the cut. Maybe the next video will bring out this artist’s potential.

Disilgold SOUL Magazine Rating: **2 Stars

About Reviewer:  A Nationally Certified Reading Specialist, critically acclaimed poet, marketing specialist and former tv show host, Heather Covington “The Literary Heat” is the NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominated author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature and publisher and  debut author  of the best selling MURDEROTICA novel, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales. She has been noted as a TOP 5 Media Mogul alongside the producers of GOODDAY and runs, owns and operates, abridged for “Diamonds, Silver and Gold,”  the literary and media home of celebrity stars and literary icons.  Her author website can be visited at and official MYSPACE site at For booking, interview, media requests and/or Monthly Media Campaigns: Email Ad- EVENT ADVISORY-Contemporary Works by Hot New Choreographers-New Dance Downtown Choreography Showcase at the Arts Exchange

Contemporary Works by Hot New Choreographers 
New Dance Downtown Choreography Showcase at the Arts Exchange


     The performance is Friday, May 1st at 
8pm at The Arts Exchange, 31 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, NY 10601. For tickets or more information please call (914) 428-4220 x223 or

With this format, New Dance Downtown gives the audience a rare opportunity to see various works on one stage, ranging from jazz to classical, emotionally charged to athletic, funny to dramatic and powerful. The performance will be followed by a brief Q&A during which the audience will be able to engage in a dialogue with the choreographers and dancers. The 8 pm performance is suitable for dance lovers, those new to dance, and dance students. It is a great way to experience a broad range of styles and companies, with the Q&A providing a chance to get to know them!      
n May 1stexperience the strength, agility and beauty of dance. The New Dance DowntownChoreography Showcase, presented by ArtsWestchester and the Dance in Education Fund: Steffi Nossen School of Dance, will feature a collection of new contemporary works from some of today’s hottest choreographers: Sidra Bell, Jessica DiMauro and Mariah Steele, with performances by special guest companies: Adam Barruch, Nicole Phillipidis…and others. There is no overriding theme for the showcase, instead, each company or choreographer will present a piece (dance) in the style that best exemplifies the work that they do. 

CYA APOLOGY-Jamie Foxx Apologizes to Miley Cyrus

It take a hell of a heart for a man to apologize for his comments, but Jamie Foxx did apologize on Jay Leno, so America forgave him for his comments abut Miley Cyrus. Plus ,he has too much going for him to engage in any publicity stunts. Folks are saying his performance in his upcoming movie, The Soloist should convince him to stop acting like a ghetto thug comedian and own up to his talent. Anyway, we stole a nice new photo of Jamie Foxx and ladies it is the hottest photo I ever seen on the net. This is the most professional pic of an aritst, period. In fact, with this pic alone, Jamie is back at the top says one of mymy Disilgold Insider friends. She saw the pic and said, jamie is a FOINE GUY. Not sure what is going on in his new movie though. Must be a lot of make-up.

See the new pci of Jamie, THE SOLOIST on in a hottie minute.

Fabuliscious Review for Notorious: Biggie Smalls Bio-Pic Arrives on DVD- GO OUT AND GET IN DROVES EVERYONE! Represent!


 DVD Review by Kam Williams



            Christopher Wallace (1972-1997) aka Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G. was a Brooklyn-born gangsta’ rapper who passed away at just 24 years of age, a casualty of the infamous East Coast-West Coast turf war which first claimed the life of his primary rival Tupac Shakur (Anthony Mackie). Tupac had dissed Biggie by claiming in a song to have slept with his wife, fellow hip-hop star Faith Evans (Antonique Smith). Neither Biggie nor Tupac were exactly altar boys, with both boasting openly about their yay-long rap sheets.

But the bloody feud was much bigger than these two icons. On one side, you had L.A. producer Suge Knight (Sean Ringgold) and his stable of artists at Death Row Records; on the other, there were the upstarts from New York who Sean “Puffy” Combs (Derek Luke) had recently signed to his new label, Bad Boy. And although everybody knew that their crews were packing heat and hated each other, the murders went unsolved, probably because of the “no snitch” mindset adhered to by these thugs as a code of honor.  

  Unfortunately, Notorious sheds little light on the mystery of who killed Biggie and Tupac. Nonetheless, director George Tillman, Jr. has crafted a very absorbing, cradle to the grave bio-pic which does vividly recount exactly how a latchkey kid being raised by an immigrant single-mom (Angela Bassett) in the slums of Bed-Stuy could have overcome the odds only to be slain at the height of his fame in a seemingly senseless drive-by shooting in Hollywood.

Much credit for the success of the flick must go to Jamal Woolard who makes an impressive screen debut in the title role here. The talented rapper-turned-actor achieves no mean feat in fully humanizing a fatally-flawed figure who could’ve easily come off as a one-dimensional monster instead of a charmer. After all, except for the fact that he made it in the music business, there isn’t a lot about Biggie worth emulating.

Neither approving nor judging, Notorious simply presents the gluttonous Biggie in all his materialist glory, allowing the audience to decided what to make of his train wreck of a personal life. A relentlessly-unapologetic immorality play about a bona fide ghetto gangsta’ apt to entertain even Joe Six-Pack.  


Excellent (4 stars)

Rated R for nudity, drug use, graphic sexuality, ethnic slurs and pervasive profanity. 

Running time: 129 minutes

Studio: Fox Home Entertainment

3-Disc DVD Extras: Widescreen theatrical feature film, unrated director’s cut, Wolverine theatrical trailer, Valkyrie, S. Darko, The Wrestler, Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, commentary by director George Tillman, Jr., screenwriters Reggie Rock Bythewood and Cheo Hodari Coker, and editor Dirk Westervelt, commentary by with Biggie’s mom Voletta Wallace, and his manager Wayne Barrow, Behind the Scenes: The Making of Notorious, I Got a Story to Tell: The Lyrics of Biggie Smalls,  Notorious Thugs: Casting the Film, Biggie Boot Camp, Anatomy of a B.I.G. Performance, Party & [Expletive] (never before seen footage), The B.I.G. Three-Sixty, Directing the Last Moments, It Happened Right Here, The Petersen Exit, The Shooting, The Impala, The Unfortunate Violent Act, The Window, 9 Deleted Scenes,  4 extended/alternate concerts, trailers from: Secret Life of Bees, Gospel Hill and Slumdog Millionaire, digital copy.


To see a trailer for Notorious, visit:


Who ever wrote that Chris Brown story, I got proof that you took information from an article I had released on my site word for word. Now where is my damn money for every word. I am the one who said that Chris Brown and Rihanna will cut a record and WRITE A BOOK TOGETHER. Going to get my twin Babe Charisse Worthington from my hot seller, TEKILA NIKA over at

 Um,hum.. it’s okay… I’ll get you back and when I see your new publication THE MOST coming soon to newsstands, let’s see how many copies make it off the shelves! Dont let me have to give a booksigning in front of the stand so no one can buy your new fashion and beauty magazine you swagger jacking macker fackers.

 I’mma tell Mr. Quincey Jones what’s going on. Write your own stories. AND AR, ER IR, OR, AR your story on the hottest dances missed quite a few from back in the days. I didn’t see THE SMURF, and THE HEATHER, that’s right. They use to do a dance in tribute to me and I don’t know how it got called The HALLE BERRY! That is some foul nonsense. It’s alright VIBE. I am releasing DISILGOLD VIBE next week. U dun messed with the wrong DIVA! And finally, no one invented the moonwalk. It was created by the Hip Hop break dancers in the Big Park in Eastchester. It started with the Skate Key and folks dancing backwards and they decided to take off their skates and do the sliding motion backwards with socks late nights. The news spread, then it hit the clubs and some choreographers commercialized the dance in groundbreaking box office hit breakdancing  movies. I dont mind people getting credit for their work, btu don’t forget to give props to those project kids who invented a lot of stuff and never got credit.  The only reason why I didn’ return my VIBE issue with Rihanna is that the articles are very lengthy and I liek real long articles.  Keep the good work.

Get the flying tree out of here right now! Wait until you hear this news.

Silly man was yawning and a seed from a tree blew into his mouth with the wind. Of course, he swallowed it and don’t ask me why, but a few months later, he reported pains and a limp on his body. The story goes that he was xrayed and that bump was an actual tree with roots growing on a man’s lungs. I told you trees were humans. Poor things. Some folks just didn’t turn out like we humans. We should all be grateful that we aren’t human trees.  I mean look at your arms folks and fingers and legs and toes. You look like a tree. The stomp is your torso and the hair on your head were once  leaves.  I am just passing the information on. Don’t get TESTY with me!

U.S. Can’t Celebrate So fast. 3 More Ships attacked!

The ship that saved the captain on the ship that was hijacked by some pirates was on its way back to Kenya to unite the captain with his sailors, and three more ships at sea were attacked.  Now dig this, the Navy ship goes to help the ships out with the captain on board and they attack the Navy ship, lodge a rocket bomb in its engine base and shoot at it, but the U.S. attacks back. Oh my, hope the captain makes it home. Never traveling by sea on any boat. If the darn Navy ship can be attacked, just imagine a  crummy old cruise ship. There goes U.S. tourism unless they can guard the sea straight down a specific path as in be able to strike any ship that comes near that route meant for U.S. traveling some where down the line. I am being very specific because folks have to feel safe and if I don’t feel safe, no one in the world does.

This story is syndicated on

I’m Going to Cry, I am Going to Die!-Lil Kim on Dancing With the Stars

Persistence pays off. Lil Kim steals the number one spot in Dancing with the Stars. Lil Kim and her dance partner  scored a perfect ten across the board this week. She is sucha sweetie. She goes on national air, “I’m Going to Cry, I’m Going to Die!” Now that should be ona t-shirt as the ultimate form of expression. Her big sis, Queen Latifa was there to support. Well, that’s it for my  LITERARY DIVA rant and raving tonight. Congrats Lil Kim. Does anyone know when her next album comes out. Email


Looks like Jamie Foxx got caught up in paparazzi frenzy when asked what he felt about Miley Cyrus ruining Radio Head’s career on Sirrius Radio. He responded, “What, Miley is going to take Radio Head’s career.. go do some hero— like Brittney.”

 That equals a  big disso to Brit and Miley, America’s pop tarts. Miley handled the brash statement from Jamie Foxx hungry for attention for his new movie by simply stating, “If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say it at all!” Get him Miley. How dare Jamie be so rude to a minor, but it does give both of them publicity. After all, Miley Cyrus had better make all of the moneyshe can now while young because those baby boomer fans get fickle as soon as they wake up and find out their favorite teen idols are all grown up. I would let her father handle this matter. This controversy is not over. Jamie has put a big FOXX in his mouth. He is so great in movies and then he goes back to his bad biy ‘ole self in his music and when he opens his mouth.

You can take the hood rat out of Hollywood, but you can’t put him back in the ghetto. Ouch, that statement has got to be a blow to Miley’s self-esteem.-Heather Covington

Bo Obama is here!

Given as a gift by Senator Kennedy, Bo Obama got approval from Sasha and Malia today as the white house dog. Bo is a full breed Portuguese Yorkshire and amazingly all black with white paws. The dog has been trained to keep its feet of the president’s shoes. The president’s wife, Michelle, is already thinking about placing a fence around her tomatoes. Let’s see how long Bo lasts. He looks really active and like he’s ready to get into a lot of trouble.

The Guys are calling Steve Harvey a Traitor for Revealing Secrets to the Ladies

Disilgold SOUL Magazine Reviews:

What Men Really Think about Love

Relationships, Intimacy and Commitment

by Steve Harvey

Amistad/Harper Collins Publishers

Hardcover, $23.99

240 pages

ISBN: 978-0-06-172897-6


Book Review by Kam Williams


“I want every woman who truly wants a solid relationship… to forget everything she’s been taught about men—erase the myths, the heresy, everything your mother told you, everything your girlfriends told you, all the advice you’ve read in magazines and seen on television—and find out here, in these pages, who men really are… If you’re tired of being played with, then I want you to use this book as a tool—to take each of the principles, rules, and tips in this no-nonsense guide and use them to anticipate a man’s game plan.

No matter how good you are to a man, no matter how good you are for him, until you understand what his makeup is, what drives him, what motivates him, and how he loves, you will be vulnerable to his deception and the games he plays. But with this book, you can get into a man’s mindset and understand him better, so that you can put into play your plans, your dreams, and your desires, and best of all, you can figure out if he’s planning to be with you or just playing with you.”

n      Excerpted from the Introduction (pages 6-7)


            Stand-up comic/sitcom star/TV show host/stage performer/movie

actor/radio DJ/producer Steve Harvey was already a true Renaissance Man before he recently added relationship advice guru to his bag of tricks. After its release in January of this year, his book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What Men Really Think about Love Relationships, Intimacy and Commitment skyrocketed to #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list, and still enjoys that lofty spot as we go to publication (see

            Apparently, the secrets about men he reveals on the pages of this much-needed how-to-tome are resonating with frustrated females of every demographic. As a result, Steve is not only making the rounds of the top talk shows like Oprah and Ellen, but expanding his own entertainment empire as his eponymous, nationally-syndicated morning radio show enters new markets, most recently replacing Tom Joyner in Chicago.

            Let’s face it, Steve Harvey is a juggernaut who’s on quite a roll. And this critic is not at all surprised by this decvelopment, given that I’ve immensely enjoyed his last two stand-up DVDs and have also found the brother to be both hilarious and insightful every time I’ve had the opportunity to interview him.

As for the content of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the title drops a big hint as to the sort of common sense advice inside. Still, every bit as important as the tough-love brand of relationship advice Steve has to share is his folksy, down-home tone which practically leaps off the pages in Technicolor, because he has convincingly translated his trademark charismatic anecdotal style to print despite the inherent limitations of the literary format.

But the big question remains: will the book deliver on its promise of helping you land Mr. Right? I’m not comfortable speculating about that, after all, I’m not a woman and thus not really a part of the target audience. That disclaimer aside, I’d say that he does have guys pegged, so his ideas at the very least are likely to prove valuable to impressionable young ladies who have been raised without a father figure in their lives, since Steve’s basic function here is to shed light on the difference between what men say and how they behave.



To see an excerpt of Steve Harvey on Oprah, visit:

Oh no, The Soloist is also playing at the movies on April 24th with my boy Jamie Foxx


Everyone knows I love Jamie Foxx. He is a fool if I’ve ever known one, but you can’t take away this man’s talent.  (Referring to his real talk in interviews lately on the radio for his  new album). My fav song is “Blame It.”  Have you been following the comedian who turned In Living Color  produced by the Wayan Brothers into a hit show. Don’t get me wrong, all of those Wayan brothers are hilarious including David Allen Grier who just couldn’t hit it off with the judges on Dancing With the Stars.  You would think that Jamie Foxx can’t do a serious movie like this one he’s starring in called The Soloist.

Now let me give you the scoop on The Soloist for those of you want to see a tear jerker. It is based on this mentally challenged man, Nathaniel Ayers (played by Jamie Foxx), who was homeless and had a split personality.

 This guy could be normal one minute and then flip on folks with a violent rage the next. His sister didn’t know what was wrong with him and folks just left him alone, but the man was gifted as in able to play the chello like no one’s business. So  Steve Lopez (played by Robert Downey, Jr.), and something like an angel, observes him on the streets of Skid Row one day playing his chello and earning money, and so he invites him to be an instructor to  major orchestra ensemble. Folks respect him and treat him like a king, but his split personality returns. The whole story is based on a true-to-life story and kind of reminds me of a modern day My Fair Lady, but from the perspective of a hopeless man given a chance to make something out of his life. I love movies like this where triumph conquers circumstances.

 I have to see Jamie in this movie and so I am checking out both Obssessed featuring Beyonce and Jamie Foxx in the Soloist on April 24th. I’ll be back to let you know who was a better actor and yes, we can compare a female’s acting ability to a man’s acting ability. Why the double standard? Either Jamie Foxx or Beyonce’ is winning Best Actor of the Year. Don’t forget Disilgold SOUL Magazine’s Annual YOUnity Reviewers Guild of America nominees loading soon for the Best Actor of the Year Award and loading soon.

Everyone’s over at! Website for new Beyonce’ Movie on April 24th in Theaters Everywhere!

For those of you who understand the importance of opening  day box office sales for movies, one day can make a difference from a hit or flop.  Jennifer Lopez bombed so many times at the Box Office it was a sheer travesty for a singer turned actres and why I am hoping this movie is a hot. That Bey is really working hard for her 80 million. I am sure I was watching a Nintendo commercial and the person playing on the game just like a little girl was Beyonce. Will someone call me and let me know if that was her or am I blind?

As popular as Beyonce’ is she has some swift competition at theaters on April 24th. Kids are going to see Hannah Montana over and over and over again . Obssessed is a grown folks movie, so it will be interesting to see how many young folks come out to support.  The website is Mark your calendar. This may be Beyonce’s Oscar winning performance. Wouldn’t that be ironic? Her movies with her singing may not have earned the nod, but a movie with her real acting talent and no hype may just put Beyonce’  on the map as the next top grossing actress.  That acting is going to be top notch with all of the haters hating on Beyonce’ and her turning negativity into productivity.  If that was me on the set, that other actress would need stiches. Oh will this movie hurry up and arrive!  Can’t wait to see Bey kick some auzz in this movie. Way to go Bey. It’s about time.


Wesley Snipes Headlines The 2009 African American Pavilion at BookExpo America
Exhibit at the Largest Book Trade Show in the World, The 2009 African American Pavilion at BookExpo America at The Jacob Javits Convention Center, May 29-31, 2009, New York City
Editor-in-Chief of Disilgold SOUL Magazine
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African American Pavilion at BEA

National ( – Starring Wesley Snipes, Blade and the new film Zulu Mech 1; Zane, New York Times Bestselling Author; Sybil Wilkes, The Tom Joyner Show, Sybil’s Book Club (Live Interviews) in The Pavilion; The Tom Joyner Foundation, Thomas Joyner, Jr.; Mary B. Morrison, New York Times Bestselling Author; Omar Tyree, New York Times Bestselling Author; Brenda L. Thomas, Essence Bestselling Author; Carol Mackey, Black Expressions Book Club; Terrie Williams, Essence Bestselling Author; Wade and Cheryl Hudson, JUst Us Books; George Fraser; Max Rodriguez; Irene Smalls; Dante Lee, along with Brother G., The Shades of Memnon Book Series and Co-Creator of Zulu Mech 1; Mshindo Kuumba 1, Co-Creator of “Charles the Chef” and Co-Creator of Zulu Mech 1, Featuring Buffie The Body, Vixen Icon; Mildred Muhammad, Scared Silent-The DC Sniper; West Coast Biz, The Latin Temptress, The Divine Expressions Book Club, Beverly Johnson, Freedom Speaks Diaspora, Kevin Weeks, Dawayne Williams, Raji Cooler, Sherri Glover, Shayla Price, Robin Ayele.


THE AFRICAN AMERICAN PAVILION AT BEA MAY 29 – 31, 9AM – 5PM – EXHIBITORS, BOOKSIGNINGS & GIVEAWAYS SPONSORED BY: Amber Communications Group, Inc.; Amber Books; Adrienne Ingrum, LLC.; The Tom Joyner Foundation; Lift Every Voice Books; / Diversity City Media, Inc.; QBR The Black Book Review /; and The Tushe Group BookExpo America, the largest book trade show in the world provides independent African American book publishers, self publishers, authors, African American imprints at major publishing houses, distributors, literary agents, publicists, librarians, and bookstore owners with exposure to more than 80,000 book buyers and booksellers from across the world. With over 25,000 BEA attendees crossing up and down the Pavilion aisles. There will be huge opportunities to learn, share, educate, buy, sell and network, and the African American Pavilion provides our exhibitors the lowest discounted booth prices at the BookExpo America. Now in its sixth year, the 5,500-square feet of joint exhibit space showcasing on the main exhibit floor/hall, African American books, authors, products and publishers, is the market place for thousands of African American publishing industry professionals. Influential exhibitors and book buyers form a community of unprecedented strength. “The African American Pavilion is a growing presence at BEA,” says Exhibitor, ZANE, Publisher, Strebor Books International, LLC/Simon and Schuster, National Best-Selling Author of several New York Times and Essence Best-Selling titles and the 2008 African American Pavilion Awardee, “The Distinctive Voice and Publisher Award”, “There will be great opportunities to learn, educate, sell, and network and it’s making African American history a vital, visable part of the 108-year history of BookExpo America/American Booksellers Association.” The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America was founded in 2004 by: Executive Director, Tony Rose, Amber Communications Group, Inc., Adrienne Ingrum, Adrienne Ingrum, L.L.C. and Niani Colom, Genesis Press.


 Marcella Smith, Barnes & Noble, How To Get Your Books Into Barnes & Noble, May 29 – 10-11am
* Malaika Adero, Up South, Inc., Voices and Visions of New American Dreams, May 29 – 2-4pm;
* Yvonne Rose, Quality Press, How To Self Publish Your Book, May 30 – 11-12noon;
* Herbert Harris, LifeSkill Institute, Inc., Wealth Building In Trying Times, May 30 – 11-12noon;
* Darnell & Therez Smith, Marketing Your Website, May 29-12-1pm-May 31 – 10-11am
* Thomas Joyner, Jr.; Wil LaVeist; Neil Foote; The Tom Joyner Foundation,
How To Prepare For College, Presented by Tom Joyner, May 30 – 10-11am MORE TBA



 2007, 2008 and 2009 AFRICAN AMERICAN PAVILION EXHIBITORS INCLUDE: African American Books On Tour; Africa World Press/Red Sea Press; African American Literature Book Club (; African American Expressions; Afrikan World Book Distributors; Alight! New York Grit Books; Amber Communications Group Inc.; Amiaya Entertainment; AmmPublishing; Annie Busby; Aphesis Publishing; Arc Type Press; Around the Way Books; Asta Publications; Aya Press; Aspicomm Media; Avo Publishing; Austin Publishing/Kaden Publishing; Baby Daddy Publishing; Baker Publishing Group; Barry Nix; The Beckham Publications Group Inc.; Big Door Presentations and Publications; Big Time Studios; BIS Publications; Biz-E-Bee Publications; Blacast Entertainment/; Black Americans In Publishing; Black At; BlackBoard Entertainment Media Group; Black Issues Book Review; BlackListed, LLC.; Black Print Publishing; Brand Nu Words; Brooklyn Christian Center; BroSis Publishing; Brown Erotic Publishing; Career Voices; C&B Books Distribution; Chocolate Angel Publishing; Chocolate Pages; Creative Wisdom Books; Christian Nations Center; Connie Leon; Color Bridge, LLC; Cultured Expressions; Delores Quinerly Press; Destiny Publishing; Disilgold Soul Publishing; Diversity City Media, Inc.; Divine Expressions Book Club; Emida International Publishing; Eugene LaCorbiniere; Every Generation Media, LTD; Expressions of Love Publishing; firebrandpublishing; First Black Autos-The Story of Charles C.R. Patterson; FYOS; Gary Braxton; Genesis Press; GhettoHeat; G reen Olive Tree Publishing; GS Publishing Group; Gumbo For The Soul Publications; Harobed House: Hilton Publishing; Imperious Publishing; In and Out the Dugout; In the Note of C; Irene Smalls; It’s Time For Bed; Jewels Publishing; Just Like Me Books; Just Sisters Publications; Just Us Books, Inc.; Kaden Publishing; Kandour Publishing; Ken Hudson & Associates; Kidding Around Entertainment; K Harris Publishing, Inc.; Kija Entertainment; Kingdom Kids Clubs; Kinship Press; Kymber Jae Publishing; Late Bloomer; Lefall and Company; Le’Femme Fatale Productions; Lift Every Voice Books; Lighted Mansions; Literally Speaking Press; Literamed Publications; L.T. Publishing; Mad Parent Publishing; M&E Abrams Publications; Maria Falconer; Mahogany Star Publishing; Melodrama Publishing; Mind Candy; MomoWilly, Inc.; Mirror-Gibbs Publishing;; Ms. Gail’s Books; Naphtali Books; Nay-jay Publishing; Nefrawerks Diversified; Nega Fulo Books; Nile Publishing; Nunes Productions; Outskirts Press; Papa Lemon; Papyrus Publishing; Pathway Publishing; Paul L. Woodring; Parker Publishing; People Skills International; Pond View Press; Power Play Books/Life Changing Books; Prodigal Son Ministries; Publishing Associates; Q-Boro Books; QBR The Black Book Review/Harlem Book Fair; Quick Qwest Publications; Relentless Content, LLC; RJ Publications; Renaissance Media Sales & Distribution; River Maverick Publishing; Ruby Burke; S.E.L.F. Publishing; Seker Nefer Press; Shawn Ryan; Sheryl Walker Press; Silver Maple Publications; Strebor Books International; Sun Cycle Publishing; Tate Publishing; The Cartel Publications; The Elevator Group; The Healing Tree; The Pilgram Press; The Street Life Series by Kevin Weeks; The Tom Joyner Foundation; Third World Press; Triple Crown Publications; 22nd Century Press; Urban Ministries; Urban Touch Entertainment; White Men Can’t Hump; Wisdom Books, Inc.; Who’s Who Publishing; W. James Richardson; Walk Worthy Press; Writing for the Lord Ministries; Written Magazine. More TBA FOR EXHIBITING INFORMATION CONTACT: AMBERBK@AOL.COM – 520-568-6692 CONTACT: Tony Rose 520-568-6692

Steve Harveys Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man bestselling book encourages The Literary Diva to rerelease PerSOULnalities: Poems for Every Kind of Man

by Disilgold Staff

When Heather Covington’s Disilgold SOUL Magazine team was personally invited to attend Steve Harvey’s premier launch party for his new morning show, she knew his show would take off. Here we had a King of Comedy converting his career to radio talk show host and as a result, the morning commute has never been the same for radio listeners.  She never forgot congratulating the debonair dressed Steve Harvey who sported his own fashion line of suits and even mentioning that he should write a comedy book. With all of the cameras and lights flashing from heavy media at the event, Heather wasn’t sure if Steve Harvey heard Heather Covington’s suggestion, but what is evident is that several years later Steve Harvey is America’s new Relationship Guru of America  and he’s funnier than ever with his stomach turning advice women are taking seriously. After all, he’s with a third wife, so she must be what today’s man is looking for and  who every women can learn from, since the worth of a woman is the man she can keep by her side these days.

A lady who gains inspiration from mentors in literature she announced that her past book, PerSOULnalities: Poems For Every Kind of Man from 2003 would make a comeback in 2009 in a big way bringing rise to the first Poetical Handbook of Bad Boy personalities women  should be forewarned. The book  may share parallel themes evidenced in Steve Harvey’s new book, but from a female perspective which could open up a debate on issues.  Heather Covington  believes that a relationship guru is only as effective as his ability to face his female counterparts on issues as he discusses. Heather adores Steve Harvey’s new books, but says nothing is wrong with today’s woman in relationships, but its today’s man who needs to own up to his personalities and realize that not every woman is going to accept their most menacing caricature traits that tend to make up excuses for why  some ladies can’t find truly good men.

Her quest is to expose the ideals of  today’s men as authors like Steve warns women about, but pay tribute to those traits that bring these bad boys to life who have literally gotten off of the hook, but not anymore now that Heather Covington plans to release her video diaries on the most controversial relationship issues on her author site at Readers can get a headstart on issues underway by reading the first poetical relationship handbook guide to today’s bad boys by Heather Covington. Who is ready to talk on real issues one-to-one with the most controversial voice in poetry now exposed?

Stay tuned for Heather Covington’s counteract battle punches on steve’s eloquent relationship advice to women, but this time for the men! JUST IN: Heather Covington’s self-hep poetical handbook sales are up just from this article posting over at, the direct store site Heather Covington promotes while on tour and relatively easy to find. Her shocking handboook is also, available at and your favorite online bookstores.

Just some controversial issues Heather addresses in her poetry and essay handbook are arriving on her official author site video diaries at


Ryan Leslies album is in my car cd player!

Doc B Ent. & Big B Events
Good Friday, April 10, 2009
700 King Street
Wilmington, DE
With A Live Performance By Universal Recording Artist
(Diamond Girl, Addiction)
 Doors Open @ 9pm – Admission – $10 Before 9:30pm – $20 For Everyone Till Midnight
Early Attendance Is Suggested!!!
21 & Over with Proper ID is required for entry!!!
Dress Code Is Entirely Upscale!!!  (No Tims, Athletic Gear, Sneakers, or Hats)
Gentlemen-Collard Shirt or Blazer is requested, not required!!! Absolutely No Plain Tee-shirts!!  Neat Appearance is A Must!!
We reserve the right to deny entry at our discression!!
Music By Power 99fm’s
 DJ Doc B
Cosmic “Stricktly Skillz” Kev
DJ Mont


Hosted By Power 99fm’s
 Mia Mendez
The Sophistication Defined Models