Heather Covington-The Literary Heat-Reviews Music Video- The Hustler’s Anthem feat. T.Pain by Busta Rhymes






Music Video: The Hustler’s Anthem
Artist: Busta Rhymes feat. T-Pain
Reviewed by Heather Covington
“The Literary Heat”

Busta Rhymes returns with a new hit, featuring T-Pain, The Hustlers Anthem and his usual video antics Busta style. The sure summer banger of 2009, the song and video works. Fun, energized, gravitating and ear popping, Busta knows how to command his listeners with his presence alone, fancy costumes and top hats that give enough flair to do justice to this video, but I didn’t appreciate T-Pain flashing those gold teeth of his. Folks now have HDTV and it just isnt’ polite to flash your high beams to blind music listeners eyes like that.

All is forgiven because it has been a while since Busta has produced a jam, and its great to have some Hip Hop flava with that old school hustla’ edge, but clean, simple and all about that feel good vibe. I applaud Busta.

While the video works for the kids and grown folks, the video could have had a break to flash back to an old Busta hit and remind new generation Hip Hoppers  of the history of this artist who introduced an original sound like no other artist in the game. Hip Hop needs those true Hip Hop artists to return and revive the art form. When LL Cool J exited, it ended an era in my opinion. Busta, the last of the titans performance wise may just have what it takes to bring back real Hip Hop. It doesn’t have to be that gangsta. Busta proves that.

Disilgold SOUL Magazine Rating: ****4 Stars 

About Reviewer:  A Nationally Certified Reading Specialist, critically acclaimed poet, marketing specialist and former tv show host, Heather Covington “The Literary Heat” is the NAACP IMAGE AWARD nominated author of Literary Divas: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Women in Literature and DisilgoldBooks.com publisher and  debut author  of the best selling MURDEROTICA novel, Tekila Nika: The Forbidden Bronx Video Diary Tales. She has been noted as a TOP 5 Media Mogul alongside the producers of GOODDAY and runs, owns and operates Disilgold.com, abridged for “Diamonds, Silver and Gold,”  the literary and media home of celebrity stars and literary icons.  Her author website can be visited at www.LiteraryDiva.com and official MYSPACE site at www.myspace.com/HeatherCovington. For booking, interview, media requests and/or Disilgold.com Monthly Media Campaigns: Email Disilgold@aol.com.