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  1. New fiction from Tony Lindsay: his first short story collection ‘Pieces of the Hole’.
    This is a collection of short stories that represent several walks of life within the urban African American community. Storylines targetting senoirs, teenagers, young couples, returning college students, inmates, corporate wokers and both young and midlife lovers are presented. Here the reader will find both heart warming tales as well as on the edge of your seat fiction. http://www.amazon.com ISBN# 0883782693

    Tony Lindsay is the author of five novels and a short story collection, One Dead Preacher (BlackWords Press), Street Possession (Urban Books), Chasin’ It(Urban Books), Urban Affair (Urban Books) and One Dead Lawyer (Q – Boro Books), and Pieces of the Hole (Third World Press). He has written reviews and articles for Black Issues Book Review and submits to the African American literary website Timbooktu.com. He has published in the young adult magazine Cicada and currently teaches creative writing at Chicago State University under the adult continuing education program. A native Chicagoan, he was educated at University of Illinois, Chicago

  2. I run thru concrete jungles avoiding the snares.glares from administraters traders in flesh.watch my every move wanting,weaiting my demise.my agility unrealized,as I move thru around and over never looking back.I attack with paper and pin defending who I am.some call me mandingo,dinka,you know who I am.Iam the one who wouldnt bow down.I dont pretend,I dont wacth soap operas and I dont have any gay friends.some of you have had the oppertunity to stand by my side and when you see the changes,realize where it all began.I never knew the word quit or cant.nevere got complaisant about wanting to be free.my resolve comes from with-in,as I draw from warriors who have assended befor me.the blood still drips from the strange friut that hung in the trees.Idont have to ask master to free me.for I HAVE EXCAPED THE MENTALITY that says concrete must remain my home.I AM FROM AFRICA WHERE LIONS ROAM!not some commodity to be sold ,traded like stock,wall strete almost bankrupt.but this maddness wont stop.its created its own apmosphere.can you hear my mothers cries.as it it drowns in its own lies.look for the tracks of my feet.then you,ll find your way.for the path is narrow and the pitt-falls meny.but if your dilligent,catious and have courage,you can fly free,fallow me!if you need strenth stand on truth.I once sat here with chains on my feet,althoe I never knew defeat.honor mygreatest tool,righteous not for sale.this is an excape slaves tale. THE SILVER FOX 1/15/2008

  3. New Release: All Things Work Together by Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

    As Fred Bennett makes the transition from player to prayer, his heart leans towards his friend Yolanda Mason.

    Child recovery specialist Raoul Carizales has reached the top of his profession and seeks someone to share his success. He is determined to win Yolanda’s heart, especially if it means humiliating Fred in the process.

    Successful in her teaching career, Yolanda Mason feels like her social life is at a standstill. Now she faces a choice; Fred or Raoul?

    After a whirlwind romance, Max and Donna Carson must adjust to the realities of marriage. Between the transition from single to married life and their increasing role in the ministry of their church, their friendships with Fred and Yolanda are strained.

    Dr. Randolph Errell is physically rich, but spiritually empty. Is running his clinic enough or will he risk his heart yet again?

    When one of Yolanda’s students is abducted, Raoul is hired to solve the case. Assigned by his newspaper to cover the story, Fred must work closely with Raoul and put their differences aside to bring the boy home safely.

    Fred, Yolanda, Max, Donna, Raoul and Randy are confronted with trials that seem beyond their ability to cope. God’s presence in their lives or the lack thereof will make or break their situations.

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